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Traditional Mens Wear


Heres a conscious decision to up the style game! The well detailed simple long sleeve attire ,made in the finest of fabrics speaks leaps and bounds more than all the presentations put together. The opulent garment is the simplest way to let everyone know who the boss is. This powerful and confident statement is here to stay for unforeseeable future.


Tuxedo or a formal suit of men, is the smartest ensemble every man is expected to don at a prom night, wedding., christening or any formal occasion. But with the right black Long sleeve attire with rich cufflinks would add a little flair to the gentleman. The modern twist to the kaftan makes it a frighteningly cool look for the modern dapper gent.


Every tribe in Nigeria is primarily visually identified by there own unique attires. Todays men look for a way to stand out in this modern cultural regalia, with modern preparation and detailed finsihing


A mans wedding is one of his happiest days. Its the day everyman would like to show his wife and In-laws that they have married a sophisticated, stylish and suave man into there family. A detailed 2 piece Agbada with make a man look the right part .

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